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Box of the Month: March

It’s March already… This month’s box is Easter themed (yes I know Easter is in April, but we’re stretching it out), full of Easter favourites! The March Box contains two slices each of Creme Egg Brownie and Double Chocolate Marble, and one slice each of Mini Egg Blondie and Mini Egg Brownie. A very special treat!

Creme Egg Brownie: Our delicious brownie base, filled with chunks of Cadburys Creme Egg and each slice topped with another half Creme Egg (insert dribbling emoji).

Double Chocolate Marble: Half brownie, half blondie, beautifully marbled together and topped with milk and white chocolate drizzle, then finished with a square of Dairy Milk bunny chocolate.

Mini Egg Brownie: Gorgeous fudgy brownie packed full of Mini Eggs, baked to perfection and topped with a milk chocolate drizzle and more Mini Eggs.

Mini Egg Blondie: See above, but replace brownie with blondie… It’s a much sweeter mouthful, but that just gives the Mini Eggs more of an edge.

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Box of the Month: February

It’s February! Allegedly, the Month of Love… Well here is a brownie box with something for everyone to love.

The February Box contains two slices each of Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie, Jammie Dodger Blondie, and Rolo Brownie.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie: This is a twist on our usual brownie base. With added vanilla and a little bit of acidity to get that red velvet flavour, covered with a layer of swirled cheesecake topping and baked to gooey perfection, it is a very satisfying slice.
Jammie Dodger Blondie: White chocolate blondie swirled through with raspberry jam, and every slice has a Jammie Dodger baked in.
Rolo Brownie: Would you give your last Rolo? No me neither. Good job there’s two slices in the box! (It’s our delicious fudgy brownie base packed full of Rolos, with even more Rolos on top. Needs no introduction really.)

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Box of the Month: January

Starting from January I will be creating a different box of the month every month to keep our lives interesting! Keep an eye on our social media for an advance heads up, or just check out the Box of the Month section to see what this month’s offering is.

Box of the Month #1 to kick off the New Year: The January Blues Box! It’s got blue Smarties, blue unicorns, blue Millions… It’s a whole thing. It’s as chocolatey and indulgent as you’ve come to expect from a Tiny Beast box, and the perfect gift for anyone with the January blues… Diet starts in February right? Or maybe March.

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New vegan brownies by post!

You asked us for vegan brownies and we delivered… Vegan Mixed Box now available on the website. Three delicious flavours: Lotus Biscoff, Oreo, and Extra Dark with Sea Salt (made with hints of @salfordroasters coffee to bring out the dark flavour. All plant based and guilt free.

We have some extra special Christmas Brownies available for Christmas gifts… check them out!

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I started a business during lockdown

Salford Now did a piece on Tiny Beast Bakes! So that’s nice.

Have a read of how I “took the leap” and started a business during the pandemic that specialises in brownies and blondies straight to your front door.

It’s all starting to feel a bit real now! Thanks so much for everyones support – I’m excited.

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Meet Deb, the Boss Beast

Hi, I’m Deb. I’ve been baking since my mum first taught me when I was tiny, and with her encouragement I’ve been building my skills for most of my 33 years.

I’ve worked in catering for the last nine years which has also given me many opportunities to learn new things. My skills are quite a wide range (I know, big head!) and I’m proud of them, but my enduring favourite thing to make (and eat) has always been the humble brownie.

I intend to expand my offering into other equally delicious baked goods, and granted I’ve made these brownies slightly less humble, but brownies just had to be the place to start. I’ve tweaked this recipe many times, most notably when I swapped out the dark chocolate for white to make the fudgy-est blondies you’ve ever met, but at it’s heart it is still the recipe I fell in love with at 6 or 7 years old. I hope you’ll love it too!

Deb x