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I started a business during lockdown

Salford Now did a piece on Tiny Beast Bakes! So that’s nice.

Have a read of how I “took the leap” and started a business during the pandemic that specialises in brownies and blondies straight to your front door.

It’s all starting to feel a bit real now! Thanks so much for everyones support – I’m excited.

1 thought on “I started a business during lockdown

  1. I received a ‘Mum~entine’ gift from my son Jason who raved about your brownies!
    Now, as a full disclosure: I hate brownies. Sorry but I do. I also dislike muffins that think they’re fairy cakes on Viagra. Cookies that are oversized soggy biscuits. The strange idea of eating cookie dough. I just don’t get it?! Raw dough to eat?
    And why would I want to eat a chocolate cake that’s undercooked or a cookie that’s not woman enough to be a crunchy biscuit?!
    But what my son sent me from you was TRUE HEAVEN!! This Brit is almost American! So much so I’m gonna try the cookies! Any chance you can make a through-the-letterbox-muffins?! Lol!
    I’m definitely gonna have extra lockdown kilos!
    Good Luck with your business. A true light at the end of lockdown. Just wish JC had sent the brownies sooner.

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